Blogger @iamjeffperry suggested a community of indie bloggers.… That sounds like a good idea. Cc. @c @manton

I’m trying to think about this from an #Indieweb perspective:

  1. Said community should be Web based: not Slack, not chat, because we’re trying to build a better Web. On the Web others can lurk, read think about what is being discussed even if they don’t want to join in.

  2. Sharing wants, needs of bloggers and micro bloggers not so much about code but things we’d like to see, problems, how to make it more simple to implement, etc.

  3. How to actually set up said communtiy. What script would one use? I’m old school so I immediately think of forums like Simple Machines, but I can see where forums are not mobile friendly and harder to use. Maybe there are better CMS based systems?

  4. Is the idea of an Indieweb (m)blogging community useful?

Brad Enslen @bradenslen



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