Self Musings on Consolidating My Old Blogs

I’m slowly plotting my migration and consolidation of old blogs.

  1. I plan to move my old posts off my old main blog on Blogger to this blog on Microblog. It appears I will have to first move the posts from Blogger to Wordpress then from Wordpress to Microblog as there is no direct Blogger to Microblog importer. I can do that on some rainy afternoon.

  2. I have two ancient Blogger blogs on ebooks and ebook self publishing. These are from the early days about how to read ebooks on Palm Pilots, esoteric early dedicated ereaders, sync with desktop computers, and the early days of indie self publishing, all very arcane knowledage from the dawn of ebooks. None of it has any value today other than as archives to a forgotten moment in electronic publishing history. I hate to delete it so I think I will just continue to store it on Blogger’s servers.

  3. Several odd little blogs I started and then abandoned on Wordpress. Must review and see if any of that is worth migrating to Microblog.

  4. Must decide what to do with another domain variant of my name which currently being used for an old blog. A. Build static site with a bio and contact info? Why? I can do that here on my About page on Microblog. It’s not like I’m building a brand, around my name. B. Park it. No cost. I could use it when I decide to switch to paid email hosting in the future. (I have this feeling Hotmail/Outlook, and Gmail may not remain tenable forever. Yahoo mail has already gone down the tubes.) In other words it’s just a matter of time before I have to switch to paid email hosting on my own domain. Hm.

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