Sometimes there are no winners and there is no way to make a bad situation right again.

Colorado university invites Native American students back…

The whole thing is sad and I feel sorry for those two young men who were profiled and had what should have been an exciting positive experience in their young lives ruined. It’s a shame that nosy-parker woman who called the police had to butt in. At least the university is trying, I’ll give them that.

Some points: 1. Being well behaved, quiet and respectful is not a crime. 2. Being shy is not a crime. 3. Being Native American is not a crime. 4. Not answering nosy questions from others in the tour is not a crime. 5. Being late in joining the tour is not a crime. 6. Not having your parents along on the tour is not a crime.

Unfortunately, being a nosy-parker, like the person who called the cops, is also not a crime. I don’t blame the police, given the nature of the call, they had to investigate. Could they have been more tactful? Yes. Not every encounter needs to be an interrogation. But, okay they did not escalate things so its a draw.

Like I say, sometimes there are no happy endings. Sometimes the world just sucks. That’s the thing about life, sometimes you get rewarded, sometimes you get scars. Sometimes you do nothing wrong and most everything right and you still come out scarred. Life’s a funny ol’ thing that way.

Brad Enslen @bradenslen



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