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@timapple You're thinking straight.

This summer I was reading about the outmigration from California (fires) and they said most people were heading to AZ, NM, NV and FL!!! That strikes me as crazy, due to lack of water for the SW states and hurricanes in FL, plus rising temps in all of them.

The midwest and NE (avoid the coasts) seem best. You want a place with good access to drinkable water, check the Federal flood maps and avoid flood plains, every 400 years or so we have a big earthquake near St Louis. That's it. It's boring here but stable.

The people living in California, the SW and FL are in denial right now so this is a good time to move, before everybody catches on and property values in those places tank.

Like @mcg says the housing market around the Great Lakes will eventually heat up.

Brad Enslen @bradenslen



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