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@dshanske @Ron Sunshine Bakers got bought by Keebler which got bought by Kellogg who quit producing Hydrox.

Hydrox is the original, Oreo is the copy. When I was a kid Oreo and Hydrox were like Coke and Pepsi battling it out and household's were either Oreo or Hydrox loyal homes. :)

The Hydrox cookie tends to be crisper than Oreo, the chocolate darker and the filling less sweet. I think the whole cookie is less sweet which I like better as an adult. Store brands seem to be super sweet which I don't like. It sounds like Leaf brands has made all the right moves making the cookie more healthy.

I have a feeling Hydrox is going to be hard to find in the grocery stores since Leaf is a smaller company and Hydrox was absent for so many years, so I'm glad Amazon has them.

Brad Enslen @bradenslen



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