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@Ron I don't remember the Salk vaccine. I do remember as a pre-schooler seeing kids 8 - 10 years older than me (guessing) with a big metal leg brace and crutches that I'm pretty sure had polio. I also remember learning about iron lungs and the Salk vaccine in grade school. Polio was nasty.

I do remember some sort of vaccination drive as a kid but I think it might have been Smallpox. Not real sure.

About 5 years ago, I went and got the shingles vaccine, pnuemonia vaccine and mumps/measles vaccine (one each year) as a preemptive measure. Cheap insurance for my old age. A lot cheaper than even one night in a hospital.

I did have a sore arm for shot #1. Shot #2 I got the mild chills for two days and felt tired and a bit fuzzy headed. I could function but just felt punk for a bit. All normal now.

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