Findx the EU Indie Search Engine Shuts Down

RIP Findx.  I came across the announcement just now while investigating why searches were not working with them.  I just discovered FIndx about a month ago and now it’s gone. This makes me sad.

You should read the announcement above.

Some takeaways:

  1. The open source Gigablast search engine script is not up to the job, they say.  Good to know if you are starting up a search engine project.
  2. It is very hard to get people to switch away from their preferred search engine.
  3. Too many major sites block small legitimate search engines by default.
  4. The web is awash in a sea of spam and it’s very hard to sort that out.
  5. Crawling the web, building your own search index is very expensive.
  6. Building a competent crawler is very hard.

To the Findx team, goodbye and thank you for trying.

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4 responses on “Findx the EU Indie Search Engine Shuts Down”

  1. Thanks Brad! Have been a bit busy the last few weeks, but just wanted to thank you for the support during our ride.

    1. Brain,

      After all you’ve been through, thanks for taking the time to stop by. I was saddened that Findx had to shut down. I hope you can put some of your experience, research and development to good use in future search projects. Again, thanks for trying, it was a noble effort.

  2. So lesson learned. Search is hard and the customers/users who continue to use Google (by not using less capable alternatives) realize the incredible value that is being provided. I experimented with DuckDuckGo but gave up when I realized that I rarely found what I was looking when I did local news searches.

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