Search Engine and Directory List from 2001

Here is an interesting artifact from the Web 1.0 past.  A list of known search engines and directories.

See the List Search Engine List

  1. This is only a partial list.
  2. This does not list the thousands of niche, national, regional and local directories of that time.

Almost all these are gone.  If you want a glimpse at what web search was like in 2001 click the link.  A list from 1999 would be even better and more vibrant.  A lot of these search engines had no hope of surviving in 2001, but at least most of them had their own index.  Now we are down to 2: Google and poor second Bing, plus a couple of smaller engines with their own indexes.  And you don’t call that a monopoly?  You don’t call that a silo, and a dangerous one at that?

Look at that list – at least they were trying.

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2 responses on “Search Engine and Directory List from 2001”

  1. I had such high hopes for Teoma. I also liked Wisenut, especially before they started letting the index get stale. I had hopes for them too. Google used to hand off a lot of niche area traffic to niche directories back then.

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