Current Syndication Scheme for this Blog 8/18/2018

Syndication (crossposting) to:

Facebook: (change) – I no longer post to FB and quit that long before the recent FB API rules change. had problems and I didn’t care enough about FB to try and fix it.

Twitter: (changed) – this blog now posts to Twitter via WordPress Jetpack.  I made the change because I can control what goes out to Twitter on each individual post.

G+: (same) – via Jetpack.

Mastodon – (same) – via Mastodon plugin

WP Reader – (same) via Jetpack. – via and RSS. – this is manual, on a post by post basis.

I get quite a bit of traffic from all the above.

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2 responses on “Current Syndication Scheme for this Blog 8/18/2018”

  1. I think the biggest problem with syndication is ensuring your stuff looks good
    on the other side.

    This is a big problem with for an outsider. I have no need to run my
    blog from there—and I don’t want to start storing some stuff on and
    some stuff here. I want all my stuff on one master bookshelf. But I’ve had a hell
    of a time getting my Webmention replies to show up there.
    For example, I have a reply that did appear on Eli’s post.
    But it doesn’t show up on the actual thread.
    I then signed up for an account and added my feed.json for syndication there.
    My reply to frankm showed
    up in my feed. But it wasn’t until I sent a Webmention that the post finally
    ended up on the thread.
    I wish I didn’t have to have an account—I should be able to just Webmention
    a reply like any other Indieweb blog out there, right? – this is manual, on a post by post basis.

    Sweet, this is the way to do it. I use Jekyll under the hood, so I added a field
    to my posts that looks like this:
    syndicate: [xyz:/en/linking, twitter:kickscondor]

    So I can selectively syndicate posts. Once I can get Twitter right, I’ll probably
    syndicate everything there, like you do.
    I think one syndication service I’d like to see is one where I could syndicate
    to an e-mail digest that people could sign up to get weekly or monthly.

    1. >email digests

      I think I have this through WordPress. People can sign up for either instant email notifications or a digest. Nobody has signed up but it is a nice option to have.

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