What the IndieWeb on WordPress needs is to be much more robust.  Or it just needs to be more robust in general even without WordPress.  When it works its glorious. When it doesn’t then you get that free falling and forgot your parachute feeling. Just before you slam into the ground.

It also needs to be simplified. You have rel=me and h-cards, subblubblubs, dowatchies and do-hickeys and you know the damn page links back but it don’t validate as linking back so you have to line up all the offending Indie-dinkybits and say, “Oy, which one of you lot isn’t playing nice?”  Which leads to another diagnostic scud-hunt because all them plugins are denying it, swearing up and down they have an alibi.

And all this sh-t is getting in the way of blogging.  Gah! Zounds! Fie!

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