I’m trying to figure out how to have both a Micro.blog and WordPress blog on different URL’s and have them link to each other via the Menu navigation.  Is there a way to put a redirect on a MB Page that would go to a different URL?

How are other Micro.bloggers handling this?  I looked through Help and the Wiki but didn’t really find anything.

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3 thoughts on “Ways to link Micro.blog and WordPress blogs together?

  1. @manton Thanks. What a simple and elegant solution. This is cool. I find that there is a lot of “friction” to micro blogging (generic) from WP. I have about 10 boxes to check just to send one post. Plus I have second WP blog+domain that I thought I might move to micro.blog and use strictly for micro blogging and now I know I can cobble things together. 🙂

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