I live in a subdivision that is overrun with rabbits and ground squirrels.


Every home in the subdivision has a usable porch.  Under those porches is a safe place for rabbits from predators.  Of course everyone has flower beds and shrubs that the rabbits like to eat.  So good habitat.

Three sides of the subdivision are wood lots or vacant land.  The coyotes roam those areas but are reluctant to enter or hunt in the human occupied subdivision.  This is exactly why all the rabbits and ground squirrels are in the subdivision – it’s a refuge.

We can’t let our cats out to hunt because the cats are too daft to stay in the subdivision so they get picked off by the coyotes.

We humans are prohibited from discharging firearms, grenades, high explosives or flying monkeys within town limits.  👮

The rabbits are chewing up our gardens and the squirrels are undermining our infrastructure and both are getting bold.

So does anybody have a good technique for getting rid of rabbits and squirrels.

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5 thoughts on “Any Good Way to Get Rid of Rabbit Pests?

    • I’m going to order some of that right away! Thanks for the tip. I tried ultrasonic repellers but the electronics failed quickly. This looks worth trying.

  1. Im not sure if relocating is legal in your area, but they make small box traps for them. I’m thinking about doing it for the squirrels before my pecans start coming in

    • Thanks. Yeah I was thinking about that but we would really have to put out many live traps neighborhood wide to put a dent in them.

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