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7/5/2018  This is the home for the new,  IndieWeb Writers Ring.  The purpose of this ring is to gather together information, content and discussion about the Indieweb in a ring to educate, inform and inspire the public and movement members.

This is a site for people who regularly write about things in the IndieWeb movement.

  1. You must have your own domain.
  2. You must have content about the Indieweb. You might have a static how to site, instructions, theory, news or a blog wherein you write, part time, about Indieweb stuff. (On blogs it helps if you have an Indieweb category or Tag.
  3. We are more interested in good content and discussion about the Indieweb, than we are about feature compliance.
  4. If you are accepted, you must place the ring code on your page within 3 days. We offer horizontal and vertical codes in, your choice of, 3 different versions: JavaScript, IFrame, or HTML.
  5. I have tried to keep the ring code as minimal and simple as I can,  you may edit the ring code but it must contain the Prev, Fwd, Home and Join links to preserve the navigation of the ring.

Join HereBrowse.  Thanks!


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