A mini-celebration of the cult film has some funny and brilliant sentences about Clint Eastwood and his fellow heroes destined for a Nazi castle in the Alps

Source: ‘Broadsword Calling Danny Boy’ by Geoff Dyer review – on Where Eagles Dare | Books | The Guardian

This sounds like a fun read about one of my all time favorite World War II movies.

FYI: I have a favorite World War II movie list, in case you are interested.

“Out of ammunition. God Save the King.”

Last radio message heard, Arnhem Bridge, 20 September 1944, just before British Forces were over run.

During the summer of 1937, Britain was so full of spies that posters were put up in public areas warning people that “Silence is safety, Now more than ever – forget what you hear” and “Be like Dad – keep Mum.”  Although most people were alert, no one expected a group of clean-cut teenage boys to be guilty of spying.

Source: In 1937 Young Nazi “Spyclists” Traveled Around Britain for Reconnaissance