There is probably a longer blog post coming about this, Real Soon Now but here is the flash skinny.

  • Jetpack stats is great to get you started but it is very basic. Need something more.
  • I hate Google so I’m avoiding Google Analytics.
  • I do not want to install scripts on my server. I want a remotely hosted solution with the data on somebody else’s server.
  • I don’t have high traffic and I’m not selling anything or serving ads so I don’t need anything fancy.
  • I hate companies that do not say straight up how much their service costs and if they have a free option.  Obfuscation has become way too prevalent in the marketplace. They want you to sign up first then tell you what is available.  Not worth my time.

There are some really good solutions out there but they fail on one or more of my points listed above.

Many of the old players have gone dark. There are many new players that I’ve never heard of.  We’ll see.

Any suggestions as to who is good any why?

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Like: The erosion of Web 2.0.  I’m not sure this will happen across the board but I hope large pockets will open up.

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Reading all these posts from the WWDC gave me this thought: I think Apple is the only company out there that could build a “search engine” that could rival Google.  It might not look like a search engine as we know them but it would serve the same function.  If Jobs were still here I think they could pull it off, whether he would want to remains a different question.

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