Bookmark: De-google-ify Internet

What we have here from France, is a campaign to provide free, open source, no spyware, replacements for many Google online services including some services that Google has abandoned.

There is some pretty neat stuff here. There is a replacement for the  late Google Groups (you send an email to the Group and it gets emailed on to every member of the group, same for replies back).  I like this better than those damn chat rooms.  There is cloud storage to replace Google Drive and Dropbox. There is an URL shortener.  Collaborative writing and spreadsheets and and even their own clone of GitHub and much more and it’s all free.

Now here is the catch.  Some seems to be translated into English but most is in French.  I don’t think that is a huge problem with the simpler services.  I mean you don’t need to understand French to figure out a URL shortener.

So if money is tight and every dime counts you don’t have to surrender your privacy to get access to these types of services.  Worth Bookmarking.


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Like: Framasoft ~ Portal Homepage

  • A network dedicated to globally promoting “free” and particularly free software.
  • Many services and innovative projects freely put at the disposal of the general public.
  • community of volunteers supported by a public interest association.
  • An invitation to build together a world of sharing and cooperation.

Framasoft is a French based, public interest organization promoting free software and services on the internet.  Note: one of their campaigns is to de-Google the internet, which is shorthand for providing free, opensource alternatives to web services provided by the internet silo’s.

The Framasoft’s goal is to offer, mainly online, a set of concrete and practical tools to facilitate adoption:

  • of free software (directory, USB sticks, installer…);
  • of free cultural creations (blog, translation, publishing house…);
  • of free services (more than 30 free services in the project De-google-ify Internet).

Presented as a “gateway to the Free World”, the network Framasoft wants to position itself as a bridge between the librarian community and the general public.

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Bookmark: WikidPad – wiki notebook for Windows/Linux/Mac OS

This installed just fine on Win 10.  The instructions for Linux and Mac look more complicated.  I have to say this is pretty damn cool.  I would call this more of a wiki notebook, “pad” sounds too small.  You can make some extensive, many pages of, notes on this just like a notebook.  With the WikiWord linking this could be a great project notebook.

I also think this could make an interesting personal journal.

Free. I could see this as a way to learn the gist of wiki usage prior to installing one on a web account.

The negative is no cloud storage, no sync between computers.

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