To Do’s

Internal ads:  I need to look into ad or banner system plugins for WordPress.  I don’t need it right now but will need.  I am not talking about Adsense or outside ads, but I need to drive some traffic to my own content.  The big example would be the Blog Directory.  I need to let people know it is there.

Graphical banner ads are a pain.  Mainly because I’m terrible at making graphics.  The other thing is they can screw up the view on mobile.  The good thing is you set up the campaigns and forget it.

Text ads? Maybe.  Worth trying.

Placement?  I hate ads between paragraphs in articles but it is effective.

I need to think this through and see what free plugins are available.

More directory listings:  I need to add more.  I could easily add the famous blogs, but that really isn’t the focus of the blog directory, which is hopefully for good new or unfound blogs – the underappreciated.  Will work on this.

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For decades I’d write notes to myself on the backs of old envelopes.  These immediately got lost, thrown out or washed in the next load of laundry.

I liked the simplicity of iOS Notepad but it locked me into the iOS walled garden at the time.  Evernote came along, but then jumped the shark.

Simplenote is free and ad free.  There are apps for every computer, even Linux, and every mobile OS, plus web.

It’s so simple, basic, it takes no thought to use it.  Typing a note has no barriers, it’s as easy as typing a post on Facebook or  It automatically saves so I don’t even have to remember to do that. I like this simplicity.  I don’t want a lot of things getting in the way of my thoughts in that instant.  So it works for me.

And, of course, everything syncs.  I have the Linux app on my laptop, lost connection to the internet,  but the note I typed in Simplenote still saved locally and synced with the network once it was restored. (I can’t remember if I had to reopen the app first or not.)

It’s not fancy.  Basic text. But it beats writing on the back of old envelopes.

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Wiki plugin – potential uses. research needed.

Knowledge Base plugin – potential uses, better than wiki for me? research needed.

Start another webring – want to test webrings in 2018 with broader subject for, traffic, discovery.  Are webrings too passive? Is this worth the work?

Alt. Join an existing webring.


Investigate neocities.

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