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Don’t let the “UK” in the tag line fool you, while the UK is covered in the most depth the US and the rest of the world are also covered in massive detail along with subject and industry sectors.  Every 5 minutes, 365 days a year, 24/7 the  news aggregator relentlessly updates thousands of topics for the latest breaking news.  So if you want the latest commentary on Apple news, Android smartphones or crucial, breathless, breaking, Kardashian  butt-lift news you can find it all here.

This is the “Big Fire Hose” of RSS news feeds, but unlike Twitter NewsNow is organized, directory like, by subject so you can get news not only about smartphones but Nokia smartphones at that.  You can also search the index.  This is an awesome demonstration of the power of RSS.

Fair Warning: major rabbit hole here.

Let me define this: Independent means not controlled by corporate or political masters. Unbiased means they don’t take sides with either the Right or the Left but state the facts.

I’m asking YOU. Whoever is reading this: What are the good, independent, unbiased, news sources?  I realized today I’m not sure anymore so I thought I would step outside my own little bubble and ask.  These could be any kind of news: news news, tech news, political news, international news, weird news, etc.  These can be big sites or news blogs. Who should I be paying attention too?

Feel free to use the comments below.

The Boston Globe has invited newspapers across the country to stand up for the free press today with editorials. …

Like: A Chesterton Tribune Editorial

Yeah!  I think the national politicians need to get out of their marble temples and see what the real America is like. The Chesterton Tribune is about as even handed and mild mannered as you can be, but they can be feisty when they want to be. But they show us what democracy, stewardship and civics are really about.