WordPress has taken down a handful alt-right blogs, according to several complaints from affected blog owners and readers who claim the sites were removed from WordPress.com, despite not being in violation of the company’s Terms of Service. Some site owners also said they were not notified of…

Source: New WordPress policy allows it to shut down blogs of Sandy Hook deniers | TechCrunch

I like that this policy is written narrowly so as not to open the door to corporations using copyright claims to shut down any criticism.  This fixes a specific wrong.

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Remember a decade or two ago when it was our national pastime to complain about email? More recently, as I’ve reassessed this blog, my social media presence, and our centralized digital platf…

Source: In Praise of Email | Dan Cohen

He’s right.  We take email for granted, but it “just works”. Can’t do better than that.

Hat Tip: Colin Walker.

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Google’s latest European Union woes could mean opportunity knocks for app developers stymied by contracts that pre-install the U.S. giant’s own services on Android phones and tablets, according to analysts and companies.

Source: EU’s Attack on Android Boosts Rivals in the Battle of the Apps – Bloomberg

This could be huge not just for other search engines but also browser developers, email providers, maps, etc.  Google monopoly has in effect smothered all competition on these fronts. Nobody can gain any traction.  It’s time.

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Not content with plastering the internet with annoying GDPR pop-ups, the European Parliament is pushing forward with further measures to disrupt the Internet. On June 20th a committee of MEPs voted to accept major changes to European copyright law that many critics claim will “End the internet as we know it”. The changes concern two […]

Great article tells you why this is so bad.

Source: EU votes for “disastrous” copyright bill. Article 11 and Article 13 get approval | OKO

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A grassroots movement getting few headlines could yet herald a new American age of change.

Source: The untold good news story of America today – BBC News

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Like: It takes work to keep your data private online. These apps can help – CNET

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We know the Facebook app tracks where you go via GPS.  Ithink it is safe to assume the Twitter app does the same.  There have been many rumors that the Facebook app (and others) might be listening into our conversations via our phones.  The article below offers confirmation.

There is a simple solution: uninstall the Facebook app from your phone.  Then login to your account via your phone’s web browser.  Bookmark that.  The web interface for Facebook (Twitter too) is very good and should provide more privacy from your microphone.  The downside (if it is a downside) is you won’t get those notifications on your phone when somebody responds to your posts.

I uninstalled both the Twitter and Facebook apps on my phone and use only the browser web access.  Works great and I do not miss being bothered by all those notifications.  Try it.

Here’s how I got to bottom of the ads-coinciding-with-conversations mystery.

Source: Your Phone Is Listening and it’s Not Paranoia – VICE

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