Executive Veggie Order #1: Pork and Beans, Refried Beans, Baked Beans are a vegetable.  They might already be a vegetable but this is to clear up any lingering doubt or guilt.  The science behind this is irrefutable based on New Math and New English.  Beans have for too long been marginalized by Deep State types within the FDA.

Ergo, by Official Executive Order the above named beans are a suitable replacement for green vegetables, especially those I don’t like.

Rooting through a cabinet I found my George Foreman grill that I have not used in 3 years. Later, whilst in the store, I noticed frozen burger patties that said, “best cooked on grill frozen” or some such.  This is when great, spontaneous food thoughts entered my little brain-pan.

“Oh, I bet these would work on that George Foreman grill. Must. Try. Now.”  I really didn’t know if the Foreman grill would cook a thick, frozen burger.

So for supper I got out the grill and immediately realized why I had not used it for years: it has the world’s shortest power cord.  6 more inches of cord and the damn grill would be useful but as it is it’s a pain in the posterior.

But I had already bought these burgers.

I shoved the poor toaster aside so I could reach an outlet with the super short power cord, preheated the Foreman grill and slapped a couple of burgers on.  Since the Foreman grill heats from both top and bottom I halved the recommended grilling time.

End result: Perfect burgers!  Woohoo!

Thank you George, but work on the cord thing.

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