For my own amusement and because the WordPress plugin was free, I made a little bookshelf of free public domain ebooks available for the Kindle.  It’s a bit like having a Little Free Library on this blog.  I enjoyed them so I thought I would point them out.  They remind me of a gentler era.  Folks from the UK should be able to find the same free titles on

Bookshelf here.

Disclaimer: All the books are free and in the public domain.  I am not an Amazon Affiliate so I derive no benefit from this.  The button “Purchase from Amazon” just takes you to the Amazon page where it is free.  Just encouraging reading.


Shadows Over Baker Street, is a crossover of Sherlock Holmes and the Lovecraft Mythos.  The collected short stories are by well known Scince fiction and fantasy authors.  So far I’m finding it good and enjoyable but I’m not calling it great. 📚