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@artkavanagh I understand the concern about Amazon's oligarchy in the book trade. But there is some precedent: almost 40 years ago I was a clerk at a major chain bookstore. We would get a lot of special order requests, mainly from teenagers, for The Anarchist's Cookbook. Allegedly it was in print so we should have been able to order it but we never ever got a copy in despite our efforts. Eventually, we just gave up. The Wikipedia article gives some explanation, but at the time we just thought our corporate masters had decided it was a book they wanted nothing to do with which may have also been true. As staff, we were all relieved that we were not able to sell it to a bunch of teens. We'd just blame "corporate" and tell the customer we'd tried many times in the past and couldn't get it.

Aside: We used to also get a lot of requests for "The Necronomicon" a fictional book made up by H. P. Lovecraft. If we told the customer that the book was fictional and didn't exist, they would look at us like we were lying to them and we were the enemy. I got tired of debating with them as to whether the book was real of not. So I would just take them aside and tell them that we'd tried to order it but mysteriously the book would never ever show up. Amazingly they would accept a conspiracy theory over the truth but so be it. We were understaffed and I didn't have time to argue the point. There's a lesson in there somewhere.

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