Migrating your WordPress website to ClassicPress is easy and only takes a few minutes. Follow the simple steps below to get started:

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The folks at Classic Press have created an easy migration plugin that works with WordPress 5.0.  I recommend you watch the short video on the link.

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Bookmark: De-google-ify Internet

What we have here from France, is a campaign to provide free, open source, no spyware, replacements for many Google online services including some services that Google has abandoned.

There is some pretty neat stuff here. There is a replacement for the  late Google Groups (you send an email to the Group and it gets emailed on to every member of the group, same for replies back).  I like this better than those damn chat rooms.  There is cloud storage to replace Google Drive and Dropbox. There is an URL shortener.  Collaborative writing and spreadsheets and and even their own clone of GitHub and much more and it’s all free.

Now here is the catch.  Some seems to be translated into English but most is in French.  I don’t think that is a huge problem with the simpler services.  I mean you don’t need to understand French to figure out a URL shortener.

So if money is tight and every dime counts you don’t have to surrender your privacy to get access to these types of services.  Worth Bookmarking.


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We are nearing the release date for WordPress 5.0 and Gutenberg, one of the most important and exciting projects I’ve worked on in my 15 years with this community. I knew we would be taking a big l…

Bookmark: WordPress 5.0: A Gutenberg FAQ – Matt Mullenweg

My measured response: we will see.

My rapid fire thoughts:

  • So with Gutenberg we can have more autoplaying Youtube embeds, more snarky memes, fewer words and meaningful sentences in blogging so we can be just like Facebook and Twitter. Feh!
  • I distrust reliance on JavaScript.
  • You break my WP blog and I’ll find a new platform and host.
  • I have until 2022 to find a new platform. Maybe.
  • I just want to write. I don’t want more friction to banging out sentences.
  • There is a reason I hyperlink to stuff rather than embed.
  • /waves cane/ like grumpy old git.

Source: Chris Aldrich

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Bookmark: New Clues

This has been around for awhile but this is the first time I’ve seen it.  I’m glad Doc Searls and David Weinberger wrote this.  When I say this stuff I get blank looks and people think I’m a crackpot.  (Okay, more of a crackpot than I already am.  I’m not denying my own crackpottery here.)  Anyway I’m glad they wrote it all out, it’s really good.


H/T: Doc Searls via John Philpin

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This flexible device will voice-enable your life. Use Mark 1 to answer questions, control your IoT devices, drive a stereo system, or build a robot!

Bookmark: Introducing the Mycroft Mark II Pre-Order – Mycroft

I’ve linked to the hardware home speaker but there are really two products to take note of on this site.

  1. The hardware home speaker with software.
  2. The software Mycroft home assistant.

The first is important because you can have a home speaker/assistant thing that has privacy in mind.

The later is important in that it can run on Linux which means your Linux laptop and things like Raspberry Pi.

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The larger problem, it seems has much more to do with the general distrust for disruptive innovations. The European approach, consistently, appears to favor slowing (or stopping) innovation unless all possible “harms” are minimized, even if this comes at the expense of the benefits.

Bookmark: Why Europe Will Never Build Its Own Digital Giants | Techdirt


IMHO this goes beyond the digital.  This is one of the EU’s major flaws on everything: diplomacy, business, military defense, trade.  They can’t maneuver with any speed, even in a crisis.  This will be part of the EU’s undoing.

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Bookmark: Webrings are Not the Answer | by mariteaux


Somebody else has reservations about webrings. This in regards to Neocities.  I have similar problems with webrings.  However, I wouldn’t get too locked on to webrings being the only solution.  Maybe they will work in Neocities.  Maybe they will make the nostalgia buffs happy.  The inportant thing is to experiment and have some fun.  I suggest going to Webringo.com, the last fully functioning webring host, start a ring, get your friends to join and have some fun.  Webringo has some tools to address some of mariteaux’s worries (dead link code checkers, pure html ring codes) to make managing a ring easier so play around.

I guess my point is, you don’t really know until you try.  If webrings can be made to work anywhere it’s at Neocities, they are a very inventive community.

H/T: Web-Site-Ring

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