Download Ringlink for free. Ringlink is a CGI Perl program that provides the tools necessary to build and run rings of websites, i.e. systems of links between websites of similar contents.

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Eureka!  Now this is a genuine FIND.  I looked for this weeks ago, but the script website is dead and I thought I had reached a dead end.  Today I tried my search differently on a different engine and found the actual Ringlink script.  Better, it was last updated in only 2017 so it’s current!

Ringlink is a perl script for hosting webrings. Note the plural.  You can set this up as a webring hosting platform. Yes strangers can sign up and start their own webring or webmasters can sign up for a pre-existing ring.

There are still some small highly niche ring hosts running this script today.

I once ran a small niche webring hosting service using an earlier version of the Ringlink script back in 2003ish.  It worked like a charm.  I think I had about a dozen rings running on it, not all of them were mine.  I don’t know what the top end is for this script, that is, how many rings it can run and how large.  I know my version had a proper index of rings and I think each ring also had an index of sites.  Ringmasters had their own admin panel and the RingLink host had an admin panel.  On my version ring codes were all HTML.

To get this running you need a CGI host.  Some knowledge of perl and HTML.

Now this is a tool for a webring revival.

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A self-contained PHP/MySQL script for creating and managing a full-featured webring

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This is a full featured script.  If you want to create and host one webring.  This is not a server for hosting multiple webrings.  Still very handy since you have control on your own server.

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Lucky Tackle Box is the most popular monthly fishing subscription box that introduces fisherman to new baits and fishing tackle every month for every species! Get the best new baits from the top brands, SAVE MONEY and CATCH MORE FISH! No mystery in the tackle box you’ll get… perfect for yourself or as a gift!

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I just gave a subscription as a birthday gift and it was a hit.  Good gift for an angler.

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Source: Official Blogger Blog: It’s spring cleaning time for Blogger

I’ve been reading a lot of “places to host your blog” type articles. Most have added a note of caution about Google abandoning services.  It looks like a mixed bag. Improvements are being made to Blogger but at the same time some features are being discontinued.

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A weblog listing old websites, Bible verses, and, on occasion, other web-related resources. Updated almost every day.

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This is really neat: a neo-retro site about retro sites.  The webmaster finds old relic websites and links to them.  These sites were the way the web was when it was fun.  Back when experts built websites and shared their knowledge and experience.  Today we have Wikipedia.  This is a good rabbit hole to explore.

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New to blogging? These are the best blogging platforms for you.

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This is a decent list.  I think there are a couple of really important things you need to find out before you sign up for one of these platforms:

  1. Can you export your content (your posts and pages) to another platform?  Preferably export to WordPress or something WordPress can convert.  If not pass, because you will probably move a couple of times to different platforms.
  2. Use your own domain.  It makes moving so much easier down the road.  Yes it costs some money but not a fortune.  And frankly, you are more likely to stick to blogging if you are paying for it.  It’s too easy to walk away from a free blog.

Two additional blogging platforms worth mentioning: – you can get a basic blog and even use your own domain for US$5 per mo.  Limited customization right now but that can help keep you and your readers focused on the words you write rather than do-dads.  It is a very good deal. – IF you are really strapped for money and need a free blog, without advertising, try  You will get a subdomain (ie. address, limited features but it all works has no ads.

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