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  • The Weeklyish Summary Indieseek.xyz – 12 December 2018
    It’s been slow here at the directory. Real World and holiday fuss has been getting in the way of my schedule.  But the good news is that directory listings have a fairly good shelf life so they won’t spoil. WordPress 5.0 and Gutenberg The blog part of this site is... Read more »
  • Like: Searching the Creative Internet | David Crawshaw
    Like: Searching the Creative Internet @davidcrawshaw we are here.  Indieseek.xyz is here to help.  Sure we’re not a high tech search engine but what could be more 1990’s than a web directory?  You call it the Creative Internet (good name BTW) and we call it the Independent Web but we’re talking... Read more »
  • Banning IP’s
    I logged in early this morning to find 23 “Guests” on the directory.  Further investigation showed all the Guests were from the same IP just moving fast and all instances were trying to leave comments on listings.  IOW a bot, a comment spam bot. Anyway I banned the IP.  It’s... Read more »
  • The Weeklyish Summary Indieseek.xyz 30 November 2018
    We have a new feature this week: Random link.  If you go to our main directory page on your laptop and look at the top of the right sidebar you will see a random site that is listed in the directory. Click on it and go if you want.  It... Read more »
  • Yandex Analytics and Me
    It was no surprise to me that a day or two after signing Indieseek.xyz up for Yandex Metrica, Yandex’s answer to Google Analytics, that Yandexbot showed up and started indexing the site in depth and especially the directory.  And Yandexbot keeps coming back for more.  Yandex is right up front... Read more »


On Rantinggit.com (my Micro.blog)


  • “It was a blonde. A blonde to make a bishop kick a hole in a stained-glass window.” ~ Raymond Chandler... Read more »
  • Testing
    This is a test post.  This is a link. I'm seeing if I can use a simple WYSIWYG editor. I want to confirm that I can post in HTML on... Read more »
  • For Micro Monday I want to recommend @jgmac1106 who never sits still. Ever. And @c another person with a crazy busy schedule. Both are worthy ambassadors for the Indieweb movement and very helpful people.... Read more »
  • Oh great. One of my smoke detectors is chirping. Either it needs a new battery, is malfunctioning or has come to end of life. I swear these things are as needy as Adobe Reader.... Read more »
  • Spell check (that automatic red underline of missspelled word) has quit working in Wordpress Classic Editor on Vivaldi my Chromium based browser. Works in FF. Anyone else seeing this in Chrome?... Read more »