President Donald Trump said he would be signing an executive order later Wednesday that would end the process of separating children from families after they are detained crossing the U.S. border illegally.

Source: Trump signs executive order ending child-parent separation

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A grassroots movement getting few headlines could yet herald a new American age of change.

Source: The untold good news story of America today – BBC News

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Executive Veggie Order #1: Pork and Beans, Refried Beans, Baked Beans are a vegetable.  They might already be a vegetable but this is to clear up any lingering doubt or guilt.  The science behind this is irrefutable based on New Math and New English.  Beans have for too long been marginalized by Deep State types within the FDA.

Ergo, by Official Executive Order the above named beans are a suitable replacement for green vegetables, especially those I don’t like.

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I’ve toyed with this idea for years, and maybe somebody is already doing it, I wanted to start a blog that was just totally made up, bat-shit crazy, conspiracies, but presented straight faced like The Onion.

Stuff like: Obama is buying up all the tomatoes in the world and shipping them to a secret base in Antarctica to feed a colony of UFO Aliens who like tomatoes or Ancient Romans invented fuel injection so efficient that the oil companies are actively suppressing all knowledge of it or Atlantis was located where Lake Michigan is now before the last Ice Age.

The problem is I don’t think I could pull it off.  I don’t have a good enough imagination to post that kind or stuff regularly nor am I a good enough writer to make it sound convincing.

But the other problem is, people would actually believe this stuff today.  I’m hearing about groups that actually believe in conspiracies way weirder than anything I could make up and nobody bats an eye!  Which kinda scares me if I really think about it.

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At least 4 scoops on the ice cream index.

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If you’ve heard about Linux, then you know about the most popular version for desktop users: Ubuntu. But which flavor of Ubuntu is right for you?

Source: 8 Ubuntu Flavors Compared: Kubuntu vs. Lubuntu vs. Xubuntu vs. MATE vs. Budgie vs. Studio vs. Kylin

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If Democrats want any hope of voting Trump out, they must fix the broken primary system before the next election

This is so true it hurts.  Elitism is not supposed to be part of the Democratic Party, but the weight given to Super Delegate, Party elite, votes disenfranchises the rank and file members.  The game is rigged is right.  The numbers reported in this op-ed are shocking.

Parties lose political legitimacy when they are seen to no longer represent their members.  The Democrats are deep into this and heading deeper.  It will take longer for their support to melt away, because they are the only other choice against Republicans in a rigged two party system, but that day will come.  It’s already happening.

Source: Dear Democratic party: it’s time to stop rigging the primaries | Heather Gautney | Opinion | The Guardian

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In 2017 Linux computer maker System76 introduced their own flavor of Linux called Pop!_OS and started offering it as an option alongside Ubuntu as the pre-installed OS on their computers.  I have been using Pop!_OS (that is a pain in the ass to type) for a few weeks and finally got the opportunity to compare it to the newest Ubuntu version side by side.  Here is what I think.

Pop OS – System76 markets this for professional creators.  By that I think they mean people who use Linux professionally every day, know what software they will use and don’t want a lot of distractions.  And the Pop OS pretty much does this.  You don’t have to uninstall a bunch of programs you will never use.  The software store is a bit spartan, and does not offer as wide a range of choices in software as  Ubuntu.  The core Gnome desktop software is there along with some other programs.  Program descriptions are pretty sketchy in many instances but you can get by.

Take System76 at their word.  Pop OS is for the pros.  It is rock solid and workmanlike and a mainstream user can get by (especially if they Duckduck third party Linux how to articles).  In other words it does not suck.  People switching from Windows or macOS should use Ubuntu.

Ubuntu – One noticeable thing: right out of the box and unlike Pop OS, Ubuntu has proper Minimize, Maximize, Close buttons on the top right of each program window.  No horsing around, Ubuntu is ready to be a desktop OS and a replacement for Windows or macOS.  The Ubuntu software store (repository) has a lot more choices in software available, better icons and better more complete descriptions. Pros won’t care but mainstream users will appreciate the extra choices.  Even better Ubuntu has gone back to the Gnome 3 UI and dumped that awful Unity UI.  Win!

If you are a mainstream computer user or are moving to Linux from Windows or macOS, of the two, get Ubuntu. You will be happier.

All that said, I don’t regret my purchase of Pop OS.  It is perfectly competent and serves my needs.  It is rock solid like Linux is supposed to be.  While I don’t put myself in the creator class, once I find a program I like and does the job I pretty much stick with it. Which is what Pop OS was aiming for.  Either way, I am happy with my System76 hardware it is good quality and they have good support.

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I really wanted to buy a theatrical fog generator for my front porch.  I think it would be cool to have spooky fog rolling off the porch in the evening. Think, all those black and white Universal monster films like “Dracula,” “The Wolf Man,” and “Frankenstein.”

But I’m an adult now, toys must be set aside for the betterment of Mankind, so instead I bought a chain saw because: the God-Damn Purple Leaf Plum MUST DIE!


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