These are the blogs I read in my feed reader:

Dave Winer – the oldest weblog. Winer invented RSS and gave it to the world. He always has something to say that makes you think.

Doc Searls – another old time blog. Doc Searls is a co-author of the Cluetrain Manifesto and a deep thinker.

Seth Godin – marketing, how people think, and more. Godin delivers an interesting post every single day.

Boing Boing – a blog that filters out the noise from the Internet and delivers what the editors’ think are interesting things. Never boring.

Manton Reese – Indieweb thinker, founder of, Mac and iOS developer, podcaster. An interesting, thoughtful guy.

Chris Aldrich – prolific blog writer, expert at explaining Indieweb stuff in an understandable manner.

Looking for more? Try:

Blog Snoop Weblog Directory – a collection of additional weblogs that are interesting.