We are nearing the release date for WordPress 5.0 and Gutenberg, one of the most important and exciting projects I’ve worked on in my 15 years with this community. I knew we would be taking a big l…

Bookmark: WordPress 5.0: A Gutenberg FAQ – Matt Mullenweg

My measured response: we will see.

My rapid fire thoughts:

  • So with Gutenberg we can have more autoplaying Youtube embeds, more snarky memes, fewer words and meaningful sentences in blogging so we can be just like Facebook and Twitter. Feh!
  • I distrust reliance on JavaScript.
  • You break my WP blog and I’ll find a new platform and host.
  • I have until 2022 to find a new platform. Maybe.
  • I just want to write. I don’t want more friction to banging out sentences.
  • There is a reason I hyperlink to stuff rather than embed.
  • /waves cane/ like grumpy old git.

Source: Chris Aldrich

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7 thoughts on “Bookmark: WordPress 5.0: A Gutenberg FAQ – Matt Mullenweg

  1. @bradenslen I don’t know… I decided to try out Gutenberg on a decidedly non-prod site I’ve been starting up at work the last week or two. It is definitely a different look and feel than the traditional WP editor, but it is pretty straightforward. Aside from it being easier to move stuff around on a post or page, I’m not sure it fundamentally changes things all that much (and I am deliberately leaving aside the whole accessibility controversy, which is not nothing…)

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  2. @bradenslen I share your concerns. And this reminded me to test Gutenberg on iPad again. When I did so before is was not nice. Seems to have improved a bit. I tend to write in drafts on iOS or textmate on Mac, but my class of kids (8-11 year olds) use iPads. I don’t think our WordPress will get updated to Gutenberg soon but feel a little more confident it will be ok when it arrives.

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