New to blogging? These are the best blogging platforms for you.

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This is a decent list.  I think there are a couple of really important things you need to find out before you sign up for one of these platforms:

  1. Can you export your content (your posts and pages) to another platform?  Preferably export to WordPress or something WordPress can convert.  If not pass, because you will probably move a couple of times to different platforms.
  2. Use your own domain.  It makes moving so much easier down the road.  Yes it costs some money but not a fortune.  And frankly, you are more likely to stick to blogging if you are paying for it.  It’s too easy to walk away from a free blog.

Two additional blogging platforms worth mentioning: – you can get a basic blog and even use your own domain for US$5 per mo.  Limited customization right now but that can help keep you and your readers focused on the words you write rather than do-dads.  It is a very good deal. – IF you are really strapped for money and need a free blog, without advertising, try  You will get a subdomain (ie. address, limited features but it all works has no ads.

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