I’ve toyed with this idea for years, and maybe somebody is already doing it, I wanted to start a blog that was just totally made up, bat-shit crazy, conspiracies, but presented straight faced like The Onion.

Stuff like: Obama is buying up all the tomatoes in the world and shipping them to a secret base in Antarctica to feed a colony of UFO Aliens who like tomatoes or Ancient Romans invented fuel injection so efficient that the oil companies are actively suppressing all knowledge of it or Atlantis was located where Lake Michigan is now before the last Ice Age.

The problem is I don’t think I could pull it off.  I don’t have a good enough imagination to post that kind or stuff regularly nor am I a good enough writer to make it sound convincing.

But the other problem is, people would actually believe this stuff today.  I’m hearing about groups that actually believe in conspiracies way weirder than anything I could make up and nobody bats an eye!  Which kinda scares me if I really think about it.

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